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The Last Thing You’ll Ever Need to Get and STAY Organized

Tired of forgetting people, events, dates, and other important information? Here’s how you can get your life in order and become the picture of success.

You live in the age of information overload.

Email. Social media. Nonstop news. Websites numbering in the billions. At any given moment you have countless pieces of information vying for your attention — many of them shoving it down your throat.

Oh, and not to mention, there are still real people in the world who would appreciate some of your time every now and then.

One of the biggest ironies of the modern age is that you have access to everything, yet it only harms your productivity because you just have too much to sort through. Sometimes it seems like the world is designed to make you forget things.

Some can slip by you with little consequence. But other pieces of information are critical to achieving your goals — some things you can’t afford to forget.

Unfortunately, it happens, and it comes as little surprise. After all, who could reasonably be expected to remember every little detail that comes their way when there are hundreds, thousands, even millions of them?

Well, now YOU can.

And you’re going to find out exactly how in just a bit. You can get your life in order — and never forget an important event or person again — using a ridiculously simple, yet massively overlooked system.

There’s a glaring problem with all the new technologies that are supposed to help you get organized. 

Open the app store on your phone or just do a simple web search and you’ll find countless apps and services that purport to help you get organized.

The problem?

They all seem to have forgotten that people want to do as little typing and navigation as possible.

Nobody likes to sit and type out long, important memos. Nobody likes to punch in times, dates, names, locations, etc.

And furthermore, do you really want to download yet another app that you may use a couple times here and there and then forget you ever used it? That only adds to the clutter and confusion in your life.

The solution is so simple that you use it literally all day, every day.

What if you could easily record and store your important dates, events, meetings, appointments, and any other information all in ONE PLACE?

You’re already equipped with one vital component of the solution: your voice!

You know how much easier it is to just say things as opposed to painstakingly typing them out and trying to organize them in the right app at the right location on the right device.

That’s why voice recorders are the most obvious, yet most overlooked, solution to getting your life organized.

Here’s the only organizer and storage system you’ll ever need.

Techerific's DeciVibe is leading the way in the “voice revolution” that offers a way to get and STAY organized in our increasingly disorganized society!

It’s like having a portable, well-organized filing cabinet containing all your life’s important information.

And no matter who you are — whether you’re a college student or a successful professional — this premium voice recorder will help you better organize your life and even improve interpersonal relationships!

Powerful features give you life-changing benefits:

  • ENJOY UNMATCHED COVENIENCE AND PORTABILITY with a recorder that runs for 18 hours on a single charge and has a very durable metal body.

  • SAVE MONEY thanks to the lithium ion battery that eliminates the need to replace AA batteries.

  • USE IT FOR MULTIPLE PURPOSES like recording phone conversations and even as an MP3 player.

  • QUICKLY RECORD HIGH-QUALITY VOICE MEMOS with a stunning audio recording quality of 1536 KBPS featuring crystal clear sound.

  • MEMORIZE LARGE AMOUNTS OF INFORMATION QUICKLY with multiple types of repeat modes.

  • SECURELY STORE YOUR INFORMATION when you transfer 16GB hundreds of hours of recordings to your Mac or Windows PC.

And of course, with this top-performing voice recorder, you’ll realize the ultimate benefit of getting your life organized and achieving your goals!

Success requires organization.

No matter what your goals are, you need to be organized to achieve them. There’s just no arguing that point.

Students — Feel like you could be making better grades? With the DeciVibe you can record all your lectures and have study material ready to pull up at any time.

Young professionals — Can’t wait to impress your parents and friends when you tell them about the awesome job you got just out of college? The DeciVibe can help you ace your finals and keep track of hiring managers, interview times, dates, and more.

Mid-career professionals — Want to outperform everyone else in your job and get that big promotion? You’ll have to keep all your meetings and tasks very well organized, and it’s a breeze with this handy digital audio recorder.

Anyone who wants to improve relationships — Maybe you want to be a better spouse, friend, sibling, parent, daughter, son, or co-worker. With this one-of-a-kind recorder, you can easily remember to call or meet someone for lunch, or to buy a gift for the right day. You’ll never have to say “Sorry, Mom” again!

No matter who you are, you’ll be able to gain massive benefits from the crystal-clear recordings, simple playback functionality, MP3 capability, and convenient storage options offered by the DeciVibe!

We GUARANTEE you’ll love it too!

We’re so sure that the DeciVibe will help you get organized and achieve your goals that we back it with:

  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee — If you don’t love it, you get your money back.

  • 50 Year Warranty — If you have any problems with your recorder, we’ll give you a free replacement.

Our guarantee and warranty mean there is absolutely NO RISK for you to give the DeciVibe a try. We can’t wait for you to open up an entirely new world of productivity and success once you try it out!

It’s time to get organized and get on with the life of your dreams!

Throw out all those apps you used once and forgot about. Quit trying to remember what information you stored and where you stored it. Ditch the hassle of navigating through different “organizer” interfaces and typing in paragraphs of information.


Buy Techerific's DeciVibe NOW to get the last organization solution you’ll ever need!

And don’t forget: Your purchase is backed by our 90-Day Guarantee and 50 Year Warranty, so you’re completely covered. If you don’t love it, we don’t want your money. We only want you to achieve your life’s biggest goals!

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