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We've filmed 18 video tutorials for you that are simple to follow along with easy instructions to get up and running immediately. We've categorized them into 2 categories - Getting Started and Advanced Features. 

First, some helpful tips for watching the video tutorials:

  • Click the Settings icon in the lower right corner to change the video playback resolution to 1080p for better clarity.

  • If at any time you have trouble keeping up with the steps, just click anywhere on the video to pause it, then click it again once you're ready to resume.

Getting Started:

1. Power on & Standby Mode

2. Starting a Recording

3. Playback of Recordings & Variable Speed Playback


4. Smartphone and Landline Recording

5. Deleting Recordings or Music

6. Charging Your DeciVibe


7. Backing Up Recordings & Copying Music

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